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Are You There Congress? It's Me, Margaret

Damn. People are still pretty bent about that Hawking's statements from the first episode of his new series Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking. I thought it might settle down once everyone actually watched the episode, instead of taking the statement out of a 45 minute context, but what the fuck do I know? I wonder what pissed people off the most -- was it painting extra terrestrial biological entities in human shades? Was it upsetting the folks who have spent an awful lot of time concocting their elaborate little universe, which has been fictionalized and knocked-up for so long that it has blurred the dividing line between perceptions of reality and make-believe? Maybe they just hate motorized wheel chairs.

Who really knows why everyone spit up their Gerber at the idea that an alien civilization could have it in for humanity and our little blue world. Sure, you can run your formulas, pour over philosophical ramblings, and imagine every scenario your limited mind allows, but when you're finished, you're still gonna know jack-shit -- until you come face to face with every alien civilization out there. So, kick back, take a pill, and STFU for a bit. There's certain to be more coming out of the science and paranormal communities to enrage and disgust you, soon enough!

But this isn't really about Hawking. He only came to mind while pondering what I was going to write about -- which is the notion of 'Human Rights' as it applies to the expanding and seemingly infinite universe. What exactly do I mean? Well, I'll tell you:

I've read a few articles discussing this topic. One that comes to mind argued that the Exopolitical community has treated abductees poorly, by either outright denouncing abductions happen, or insinuating that if they did happen, it's because the abductees deserved it (How's that for solidarity?). As a result, the author felt that Exopolitics hasn't done enough to work on Human Rights issues, rights that are apparently being violated by extra terrestrials.

Human Rights. Extra terrestrials.


Now, let's not get lost in the leap of faith needed to support the idea that Exopolitics really does maintain a dialog with extra terrestrials, but instead let's consider how Human Rights would be maintained throughout the cosmos:

Human Rights are recognized by--

Anyone? Anyone?


Who might not give a flying-fuck about Human Rights (aside from megalo-maniacal, warmongering, genocidal humans)?

ALIENS (and maybe Cows).

Dan Aykroyd also brought up the violation of rights on his recent appearance on Larry King Live (which is really what reminded me of Hawking), but it's been discussed within UFOlogy and it's bastard offspring branches for a while now. So, for the sake of discussion, lets just pretend that ET is here and working with the government -- or Exopolitical leaders. How exactly are you going to address the issue of Human Rights? You have to assume that if humans are working with ET in any long-term capacity, the aliens would be fairly versed in 'Human Rights'. If they were in violation of them, what's the big plan to stop the abuse or to get them to recognize our 'certain inalienable rights' on a level that would have them suddenly giving a shit? Ya gonna spoon-feed it to them along with their strawberry ice-cream? Slip it into their Soylent Green? Make them sit through a Lifetime flick?

I'm just not sure what good it is arguing about our rights being violated with the government, when the government doesn't acknowledge alien contact -- and probably couldn't do anything about it, especially if those performing the violations, don't care. I'm not suggesting that if people are being abused by alien beings that it's 'ok'. Not at all. I'm a firm supporter of Human Rights, only I understand they are probably only 100% relevant among humans.

For those abductees who have had or are having horrifying experiences, I truly sympathize. I don't have answers on how to stop what you're going through, though I do hope there is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel one day, that you will no longer experience these violations. My position here is not to poke fun at abductees or to refute experiences, but to address our very human and oft times silly and unrealistic rationale. In a situation where we probably aren't holding any cards, let alone holding a shitty hand, I don't think there's much hope of instilling our brand of Right and Wrong on interplanetary peoples, if they aren't already on the level. We might as well write a letter to congress telling them that God is violating our rights and that something should be done about it (incidentally, crucifixion doesn't seem to work).

And through all of this talk of Human Rights vs. Alien Interactions, people are still acting as if aliens would adhere to the same human scales of right and wrong. As I mentioned in my last thing on Hawking, it's folly and pure ignorance to assume that such actions could be that simplified when it comes to an alien people. Think about the word Alien. We call them 'aliens' because to us, they would be alien, meaning: "Belonging to, characteristic of, or constituting another and very different place, society, or person; strange" (Thank you, FreeDictionary.com!). Where do we get off burdening non-human intelligence with our still ill-developed morality and ideals?

Yes, yes, I've heard the 'experts' wax probabilities left and right. I've listened to them discuss how similar or dissimilar technologically advanced races might be, but it still comes from a place of ignorance and still avoids the possibility (and in an near-infinite universe, the probability) that at least one advanced, intelligent civilization is not going to see eye-to-eye with us and our position on the Law. 'Good' and 'Bad', are -- and I'll say this for the billionth time -- subjective.

Here's something to chew on: I'm not a big fan of the idea that aliens are farming us for food -- but let's say they are indeed farming us for food (which would, of course, require them to kill us, whether humanely or other). Is this representative of an 'evil' alien culture -- or a necessity of survival? After all, according to, um -- 'Human' rights, we all have the right to survive. So, who is Good and who is Bad in this picture? I know you really want to attribute intelligence here -- that humans are 'intelligent' beings and as such, fall under some universally understood law maintained by a galactic protection agency. But the problem with this is that levels of intelligence are also subjective, which then requires you to start considering on what level it is or isn't 'ok' to lead cattle to the slaughter so we can enjoy a quick gluttonous romp through any of the billion drive-thru's across the world.

And its because of all of this that I have a hard time understanding what good the Human Rights argument is in these cases, how it would be implemented on a galactic scale, and how it might be understood and respected by a civilization of intelligent beings that are totally alien to us.


Lesley said...

It would be a human rights violation and there is no way (that I know of) that it could be stopped by the government or even exopolitics. As I think you have mentioned before, exopolitics, for the most part, doesn't believe that abductions take place -- so there is their out, eh? I don't think that if abduction does happen, it is done to be malicious, quite possible that they just don't think of things in the same way that humans do. Which would make sense, since they are ALIENS. I don't even expect Italians to think in the same way I do. No cappuccino before sundown -- what kind of crazy Italian rule is that? Totally uncivilized.

dad2059 said...

I think you're running up against the 'Star Trek' mentality here. As we all know in Trek lore, the United Federation of Planets is humanoid centric, so 'human rights' naturally evolves into 'humanoid rights.'

Unfortunately, people forget Star Trek is fiction.


Deirdre said...

@Lesley - I'm totally in love with you right now:

"I don't even expect Italians to think in the same way I do."


@Dad - Precisely.

Mike G. said...

She said Exopolitics. Huh huh huh!

Aren't humans just a bunch of silly willies?

We can't get our asses out of our own militarist politically motivated slings, and here we are dictating to the whole freakin' universe how to act. Earth to exoplitical numb skulls: can't we just get "get along" before we tell other folks how to "get along" with us?

I think Rodney King was the ultimate philosophical guru of the 20th century. I mean, between hits on that crack pipe and boozing it up, he was all over our social ills like a court order. And I will take Rodney over Michael Salla any day. Rodney learned about our human flaws form personal experience. I wonder how much personal experience Michael Salla has with aliens?

We flawed beings perhaps shouldn't be reading the riot act to others. Period. Those others probably have a better handle on things than we do. And if they wanted to have us for lunch, wouldn't we already be on the menu at the alien drive through? I thought so.

Nice! I wonder how I taste with a little Tapatio sauce?

Deirdre said...

Tapatio is the greatest condiment known to humanity.

Bob Koford said...

First of all, Dee, thank-you for taking the time to write, and post this.

Issues like right to self governance and awareness of other's rights is becomming even more important, as we move further into a controlled society. Does they apply in the heavens? Do space treking aliens require governance? Are they more akin to robots? Even if they are, since robots are programmed machines performing tasks then they would have to have been programmed by somebody.

My stronger, more resilient "memories" all seem to be positioned closer to having to do with warnings of impending doom, and possibly the long-term monitoring of health issues associated with our ruining the Earth.

I have thought of them in so many ways, including that maybe they are the advance group taking samples, and sizing up the situation, so as to know more about what will be needed, later, for the rebuilding of the Earth.

Yah...I know ;)

I have struggled with the issue of motive in this story my whole life.

Even though there are times I wonder about their true intentions, I also recognize that the absolutely vast majority of these "victims" of "abductions" are alive to tell their tale...otherwise we would have never heard of it.

People will say what they will, but I feel items like war, and spills of oil are at issue here, more than wanting to step on anybodies rights.

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